Welcome GamerGreen Members!

We are SAFE!

SAFE stands for Stuffed Animals For Emergencies and our organization collects stuffed animals, blankets, books, children's clothes, and baby items and then donates them to children in traumatic and emotional situations.

We need your help!

SAFE has been around for over 20 years and always has an ample supply of donors who want to donate the items we collect, the issue we have is not enough places to donate to! SAFE is run entirely by volunteers (we call them chapter members) and it is very hard for them to keep up with the amount of donation requests we receive.  This is where you can help!

Create a SAFE list for us in your area!

As a GamerGreen member you win a lot of prizes for the games you play and can understand how easily these prizes, such as stuffed animals, can add up!  We would love your help to find more locations to where we can get these donations in the hands of children who could really use some comfort.  

How To Create a SAFE List

1. Download Items Below

Download all the documents below and then move on to number 2!

2. Research Places to Contact

Use the document, 'Possible Donation Locations 2017' to give you ideas of places to contact in your town.

3. Use Sample Script or Email

Use the document, 'Sample Script or Email 2017' to either call or email the places you find.

4. Create Your SAFE List

Use the 'SAFE List 2017' form to record your results.  Please record all the places you contacted, even if they do not accept the items we offer to donate.

5. Email Your Completed SAFE List

Please email your completed SAFE List to

6. Share Your Results

Please let us know how you did by filling out the survey below.  

SAFE Thanks You!


Thank you so much for helping us find more places to donate.  I will be contacting the places you found to set up ways to donate in the future to help even more children!

I will report back to GamerGreen your results so you can qualify for some wonderful prizes!