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SAFE chapters are volunteers for SAFE that take in the donations, clean them, and then find local places that can use these donations.  Below is an alphabetical listing by state of all of our current chapter members.  Please refer to the chapter listing for what items each chapter collects.  To donate, copy and paste the email address below into your email and send an email to the chapter member and they will respond with their contact information.

At the moment, the only chapters we currently have are the ones listed below.

In 2018, we are working on expanding SAFE so please check back if you do not find a chapter in your area currently.  You are always welcome to mail your donation though to any of our chapter members, just send them an email!

If you are looking for more information about SAFE and how our organization works, please check below for some of our frequently asked questions.

If you are interested in finding out how you can volunteer for SAFE, please click the button below!

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Lakeland, FL - James J.


Copy and paste the following address into your email: 


Items Accepted:  Stuffed animals.


Grosse Ile, MI - Gail C.


Copy and paste the following address into your email: 


Items Accepted:  Stuffed animals, books, and blankets.


Comments:  Please check out this chapter's Facebook page by clicking here.


St. Louis, Missouri - Robin S. (Arnold, MO)

Copy and paste the following address into your email: 

Items Accepted:  Stuffed animals, books, and blankets.

Common Questions

What are chapter members?

Chapters are volunteers for SAFE who collect donations, clean them, and then find places to donate to in their local areas.

How do I donate?

Below is a list alphabetical by state of all of our chapter members and what they collect.  You donate by sending them an email and they respond with their contact information.

What kind of stuffed animals can I donate?

SAFE accepts all sizes and styles of new and gently used stuffed animals.  Examples include Beanie Babies, Webkins, and Disney just to name a few.  All stuffed animals must be 'like new', clean, free from stains and tears, and need to be appropriate to be given to a child in an emergency.  SAFE will also accept homemade stuffed animals as long as they are durable, clean, and do not have any parts that could be a choking hazard.

What other items can I donate?

Besides stuffed animals, SAFE also accepts new and gently used children's books, coloring books and crayons, children's blankets, children's clothes, and baby items.  All items must be clean, in great shape, and free of stains and tears.  Chapters choose what they can accept so please contact a chapter to see what they are able to take.

What items does SAFE not accept?

SAFE does not accept battery-operated stuffed animals, toys, or dolls.

I am having trouble getting a hold of a chapter member, what do I do?

Please give the chapter member at least a week to respond to your email.  If after a week you have not heard from them, please send an email to and I will contact the chapter member to find out if they received your email.

More Common Questions

What if I cannot find a chapter near me?

The chapters list below are the only chapters SAFE currently has available.  We are always adding more chapters so please stay up to date with SAFE by subscribing to our newsletter on the front page of the site, checking out our social media pages, or just checking back on this page periodically.  If you are willing to clean any gently used donations though, please visit our Urgent Needs and/or Drives pages for more info on how you can help.

What if my items are new and/or I have already washed them, where can I donate?

You are welcome to still donate to any of our chapters listed below or you can also mail or take them to any of our Urgent Needs locations.  Please visit our Urgent Needs page for more information on how to do this.

I may be interested in becoming a chapter member, how do I find out more information?

Please visit our Volunteer page for more information on how to become a SAFE chapter.

Do you sell any of the donations or give donations to organizations that sell the donations?

No, SAFE does not sell the donations or give any of the donations to organizations or other nonprofits who might sell the donations.  Our chapter members locate places where the donations are given directly to children and donate there.

Stuffed Animals For Emergencies

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